front page imageThe Displaced Homemakers Network of New Jersey is a partnership of service providers throughout the state who support and operate programs for displaced homemakers.

“There are 15 Displaced Homemaker Centers in 14 counties”

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Displaced homemakers are women who have lost their primary source of income – due to divorce, separation, death, disability of a spouse, or a spouse who has been deployed in the military – and who must therefore obtain or upgrade their skills for transition into the paid labor market.

Displaced homemakers come from a wide range of age, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.

Displaced Homemakers Centers, with their varied services, are designed to enhance the employability and earnings of displaced homemakers and impact positively on the quality of life for the entire family. Center coordinators draw on a widerange of contacts within their cities and counties to help individuals find the assistance they need.

With supportive counseling and training, a displaced homemaker is assisted in reaching her full potential.
She can gain a heightened awareness of her untapped talents, greater confidence in her own abilities and new skills to meet the challenges of the labor market.With these newly acquired skills, she gains economic self-sufficiency for herself and her children.